Thursday, November 28, 2013

Excerpts from MedSci Missions Glossary of Terms

A few key (fictional) technology terms enabling scientists and crew to live and work in space:
Chiron A Hestia class medical and research deep space vessel carrying a hundred and ninety-nine crew and specialists. Approximately six hundred and fifty metres long by a hundred and fifty meters at the widest point, and ninety-five meters at the greatest height. The specialists on board are charged with finding a cure for alien DNA infecting Earth. They are to create goodwill by sharing Earth’s medical knowledge and skills in the hopes that others will likewise help them. The captain and crew are responsible for enabling the specialist to do their job. Some special features of the ship are a Quantum Displacement Drive, Phase Shift Inducing weapons, Hangar Disc, Maglev Tunnels, Cold Plasma Shielding, and Mobile Bridge. Sports a karate dojo over the hydroponic garden, has a meat production lab, astronomy observatory, recreation lounge, and luxury living suites. The hull of the ship is fit with hundreds of different types of cameras, sensors, and cable/fiber-optics. Not designed to land on planets, so has six dual-purpose Hygieia class ambulance shuttles on board.
PSI Cannon A Phase Shift Inducing projectile weapon, mounted on a stationary location such as the exterior of spacecraft or moon base. First used in the Earth-Alien war, then on Chiron and its on-board Hygieia cruisers circ. 2066. Uses a large cluster of PSI Emitter nodes, barely visible as a darker region, to create the energy beam it forcibly ejects. Only the cannons have beam accelerators that push the particles out with greater speed and force than the regular emitter nodes. On Chiron, the PSI Cannon is towards the bow on the dorsal side of the ship, on a retractable part of the hull that would be withdrawn into the ship to open the QDD tunnel. Shoots sudden bursts of dense columns of faintly glowing particles ringed by helical waves of electrified space dust. The standard size beam for one emitter node is 5cm diameter. The cannon can fire from one to ten nodes for a maximum beam half meter diameter. If the largest possible beam is fired, it drains all the power from the ship except for essential systems for ten seconds.
Quantum Displace (QD) To travel using a form of quantum teleportation. The only device able to QD circ. 2066 is the Quantum Displacement Drive on Chiron. Used for rapid long distance space travel around the galaxy. The ship and its occupants and cargo are massless during a displacement. Even though quantum teleportation is instantaneous, trips take time because billions of tiny jumps are made to get to the desired location. The ship leaves the starting location and re-appears in the interim and destination locations without being in the spaces in between. Slight pauses between each jump in a journey add up to more or less time depending on the total distance of the trip. During QD flight, the ship itself doesn’t undergo acceleration or deceleration, so G forces aren’t an issue. There is a periodic trip acceleration in which each new jump is slightly longer than the previous one, so the effect is the ship travels increasingly quicker due to less stop time. At exactly the half-way point, trip deceleration (taking longer to travel due to increasingly more jumps per distance, hence more stop time) begins.
Quantum Displacement Drive (QDD) The engine on board Chiron that enables long distance space travel. Generates a Quantum Displacement Field within which everything will Quantum Displace. An inspirational invention by Dr. Markus Roed, considered crazy by others at first, then funded out of desperation. The tricky Quantum Computer is needed for the complex calculations and speed of operation needed. Dangerous to run without a thorough understanding of how it works. Since only Roed has that knowledge, he’s required on board. For example, any divergence between the acceleration and deceleration constants causes a disruption to the QD field, and likely destruction of anything inside it. Thus it’s not possible to "suddenly jump away;" any QD made by the QDD must have preset coordinates plotted and the computer must be primed and ready for controlling the flight. To ensure that the ship won't materialize within an object, sensors measure how surrounding space reacts to the QD Field. Procedures are then implemented such as short extensions to the route.

Quantum Displacement Field (QD Field) A special electromagnetic bubble that surrounds Chiron during long distance space travel. Everything inside it the field will Quantum Displace. Created by the centrally located Quantum Field Generator, and propagated through the Quantum Displacement Tunnel. The field is treated by space around it as if it were a single quantum particle. Anything on the inside of the field is unaffected by the changes to the field itself that happen as the propagating quantum tunnelling effect moves the QD Field through space. The pseudo-particle is massless.
Quantum Displacement Tunnel (QDT) A central tunnel running lengthwise through Chiron, necessary for the working of the Quantum Displacement Drive. When the QDD is in operation, one is able to see straight through from one end of the ship to the other through the tunnel. The Quantum Displacement Field propagates through the tunnel before being activated to expand into a bubble around the ship. The tunnel works like a giant capacitor that stores the energy of the QD field in the moments before activation. At each end of the tunnel, the opening is about twice the size of the Quantum Displacement Chamber.
Quantum Field Generator (QFG) The device that creates the Quantum Displacement Field that surrounds Chiron with an energy bubble when the QDD is being used for long distance space travel. Located in the engine room near the mass core of the ship. The QFG needs to be at the core of the ship’s mass distribution in order to simplify and streamline the calculations needed to maintain and properly align the Quantum Displacement Field. The generator’s internal controls are in a control room inside the field generator itself.
Simulated Gravity Holds people and objects onto the decking of a ship or station in space, as if gravity were pulling them down. Horizontal and vertical Static Force Fields are generated by rows of Static Field Shafts running adjacent to floors and walls. The floor shafts pull people and objects towards them with variable force, calculated automatically depending on other forces at play. The wall shafts help create a static horizontal downward pressure inside the room that stops the pressure field from equalizing so the effect isn’t lost. 
Static Field Shafts Six centimeter diameter cylinders that generate beams of static energy that pull objects and people towards them. Rows of shafts in floors and walls collectively form horizontal and vertical planes called Static Force Fields used to create Simulated Gravity and act as Inertial Dampeners on Chiron.
Static Force Fields Create Simulated Gravity, and act as Inertial Dampeners on Chiron. Horizontal and vertical planes of energy created by rows of Static Field Shafts are powered as needed adjacent to walls and floors throughout Chiron. The fields pull people and objects towards them with variable force, calculated automatically depending on other forces at play.
The Random Energy Input Transformer (TREIT) ( pronounced "treat") Gathers ambient energy surrounding it and converts it into electric energy for use in the ship. Since ambient space is never empty of energy, even when void of matter, the energy source is inexhaustible. However, there is a limit to the amount of energy it can process at one time, and the capacity of the TREIT Conductors, giving it a maximum energy output.
Ship Design by Istvan Szabo, Ifj,
Quantum Displacement Drive and other tech by BJ Hansen